Knighted Stories 4/9/2020

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“Hi Everyone!!! I love reading the stories we are sharing. Thank you for that because it makes me feel normal and not alone. What I’ve done in this time is stick to my “normal” sleep schedule and go out for a daily walk/jog. Luckily walks/jogs are considered “okay” as long we follow the guidelines of social distancing. It feels good to breathe in the fresh air. I also like following along with a yoga, pilates or aerobics video on prime / youtube. Another thing I tried to do is try to get my cats to walk with me but that was a fail. They constantly try and sneak out when I leave and now that they had their chance to go outside they kind of curled up and seemed a bit scared. I felt terrible. These are some of the things that I have done while we are quarantined. Also it means a lot seeing the Town Hall meetings. It’s great to be part of a team that looks out for one another and sticks together through the tough times. I’m fortunate and blessed to be part of Knighted. I hope everyone is safe and healthy.” – A


“My husband actually got assigned to work in AL (as he is a contractor) 1 week before our room shut down in FL. So now I’m up here with him. We spent one day exploring downtown mobile and it was like a ghost town. All the beaches are closed and most places are delivery only and we are only allowed to go out for essentials. So I spend most of my day by myself in a hotel room. I’m trying to be productive by keeping up with my blog and possibly getting back to creating digital things for Etsy.”


“My grandma passed away yesterday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She is in another state, and because of everything going on right now with COVID-19, I am going to miss her funeral. I’m heartbroken. This virus sucks.” – Stephanie


“This quarantine has really made an impact on all of us. We are all vulnerable to any and all kind of hardships this virus may bring us. While everything on the news sounds very scary, I’ve taken this time to reflect on the good things I still have. I’m very grateful for my family, friends, health, and hulu. Apart from binge watching horrible reality dating shows, I’ve been reading, jumping rope, practicing nail art, calculating panda and dragon payouts, cooking new meals, and taking care of my cactus plant. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane. I look forward to seeing the bike crew soon!” – Kat


“Hey everyone, this past week I decided to visit my sister. She currently resides in Orlando and since she has the place to herself I figured why not. It’s been great to spend some quality time with her. My mom is a recent breast cancer survivor so she’s been cooped up in the house. Her immune system isn’t how it used to be so she has to be very careful. And my dad still has to work. Soon we all will be able to hang out and I’m looking forward to it. Hope everyone is alright and finding ways to keep the boredom at bay. Unsure if this was supposed to anonymous or not. -BriAunna”

“As with any life changing moment in history, opportunities abound.  In my case I started a journal for my 2 year old grandchild, baby Vi who has no idea whats going on. I figure at best, my diary will be a lovingly created reference book for 8 year old Violet in the year 2026, curiously looks back to the year 2020. The  prospect of this work getting published as this era’s ” Diary of Anne Frank” would then just be an added bonus (wishful thinking). Weekly Skype calls have become the best gift of all. I love my tribe and now my new found Knighted fun family!” – Thelma