Knighted Stories

By April 14, 2020No Comments

This week, we are highlighting one story from Jen S in Pensacola. Thank you, Jen! 


“Well, our room was one of the first two to close in Florida (Pensacola) so we have been at this since March 15th. So since then, I have become a teacher! YAY! As most of us have. All my childhood I thought that was the route I wanted to take…. I am realizing I chose wisely not to take that path. LOL. We have learned a lot of patience in this house. I thought management taught me patience… I realized teachers need a lot more of it. HAHAHA. We had to dig up a Nandina plant (aka Heavenly Bamboo) as our 4-month-old puppy (Jax) decided to eat the berries and even though it made him super sick he didn’t stop! Took us two vet visits where we thought we might lose him with no answers for me to start researching every plant in our yard to find out this was the cause. We dug it up that day. (FYI, it is not so Heavenly after all to our fur friends, very poisonous.) Now we are currently fighting a fungal infection with Jax that is possibly ringworm. (This is not what you want to happen when Lysol and anti-bacterial stuff pretty much non-existent.) Possibly contacted from the dirt we dug up from the Heavenly Bamboo, ugh. On the plus side during all this craziness we are knocking out some projects on the house we just bought six months ago. If you have an oak tree maybe you can give me advice on how to end the leave saga we have HAHA. We have bagged so many leaves and probably still over 100+ bags to go. LOL

I will say the hardest part of this whole thing is not being able to help my team through this whole process of unemployment. I am usually their problem solver or can find an answer for them. And so many of them have struggled through getting the website to work and it has just been hard not to be able to fix it for them. I miss my team! I miss seeing them all the time. It is strange that my phone is so quiet. I feel lost a lot of the time, not use to having this much free time. Even though daily I am doing something around the house I still feel like a big part of me is missing in my daily routines. 

But the easement of all this pandemic situation is how great our Corp management team has been though all of this. There has not been a single day they have not answered a question or dug deep to find an answer if they didn’t have it. You guys have stepped up and been the backbone of our team through all of this making sure we are all taken care of and trying your best to keep us informed with every change of information. I can not thank you personally enough for you the dedication you have shown to our team! Your generosities and graciousness during this time will not be forgotten. **KNIGHTED STRONG** Thank you and stay safe! “


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