Knighted Talent Show Winner! Zane Bowman!

By April 13, 2020No Comments

Let’s congratulate Zane Bowman, winner of our first Saturday Knighted Live!  Zane grew up in a musical family in a small town in Ohio before moving to Florida in 2003. He’s been a performing musician for over 21 years. Prior to his two years at Knighted, Zane was working solely as a musician in a band called The Bath Salt Zombies, touring all around the easter United States. He gave up the touring life three years ago shortly before his son was born.


Check out more of Zane here:

The Bath Salt Zombies – “Scratching at My Door ” – Official Music Video

“Dig a Little Hole” – The Bath Salt Zombies – LIVE @ Oddbody’s 12/31/15

“Peru, Indiana” – The Bath Salt Zombies – LIVE @ Oddbody’s 12/31/15