Knighted Stories

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Thank you to those who submitted stories of what you’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks. It’s so important that we find ways to stay connected, so we’ll be highlighting some of the stories submitted. As long as we continue to hear from you, we’ll keep posting for the duration of this crisis.


“It’s the little things. In these times of need and uncertainty it’s the little things we can do for each other that will help us all get through! One of my co workers has a son with specific dietary needs and she posted of social media how she was unable to find the foods that she needed for him due to hoarders. I reached out to her and was able to walk across the street to my local grocery store and find some the items on her list for her son.

At the beginning of the shut down one of my other coworkers offered to let me borrow his PlayStation 4 that he doesn’t use. I was able to pick up a couple cheap used games and now have something to do to entertain myself and keep my sanity through all this.

I encourage you all to see what you can do to help each other. Something that may seem so small and easy to you could make a huge difference to someone else in need.

Stay safe and healthy guys!”


“I have spent some quality time with my wife of 26 years and my oldest grown child. My daughter joined the army and shipped out the week before our room closed. I have pressure washed the driveway and walkway of the house as well as washing exterior windows and screens. I have set a goal to not gain any weight which for me means to stay busy. I’m gaining some serious brownie points with the wife as the honey-do list doesn’t exist anymore. I hope all is going well for all of the Knighted family and remember tough times pass but tough people last. We will get through this and come out of it stronger as a country.” — Jay 


“On one hand, it’s been good getting to know my coworkers more since we’re in a group chat,but on the other hand it’s been stressful not knowing when (or if) I’ll have money to pay any of my bills after this upcoming month.”


“This past week my wife gave birth to our third child on Thursday 3/19. We were in the hospital when Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a stay at home order. I joined our last town hall that Wed. In the hospital. It was scary being there with everything going on and they did not let anybody in, unless it was an emergency. No visitors at all and it was a ghost town in there. They were screening people and checking temperatures if you were a patient and turning people away if they were just visiting. Everything came out ok for us and now we have our baby at home along with our 2 other kids and we are so happy to be home with our newborn spending family time together. Shout out to Players Casino KV team and a big thanks to Connie for checking in with me and being so helpful to my family.” — Ricardo


“I live with a big family, so this voluntary shelter-in-place experience is new to all of us. I see that each of us relieve stress in different ways and all we can do is tolerate or walk away. However, I soon realize that this brief (hopefully brief) isolation from the world has allowed me to quiet the busy and tune into the calm. It’s hard not to listen to the news and be swayed by fear, but it’s this very moment in life that makes life so much more awakening. Humanity has been swept with emotions that will get the best of us, but will also bring out the best in us. I don’t have a story to share, only my gratitude to everyone’s efforts during this health crisis. Thank you for your hard work.” — JV  


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