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  • New UI Visual Guide: EDD has updated some parts of the unemployment claim form. To assist those who have not yet filed their UI claims, please refer to the updated UI Visual Guide to help respond to any  employer requested information. For team members who have already filed, do not worry about these updates as they were implemented after you filed your claim. If you are concerned about any mistakes on your UI claim, please contact or wait for EDD to contact you to make corrections. 
  • Updates to UI Claims for CA: Employees should receive notice that work search requirements will change. You will need to indicate you are available and able to work each week, but you are not required to report you are actively searching for work. Also, reminder to make sure you report any earnings (e.g. from a secondary job) or possibility of overpay may lead to you having to pay the state back. 
  • Certifying for Continued Benefits: After you file a UI Claim, it may take up to 2-weeks for EDD to determine you are eligible for UI benefits. Upon notification of eligibility, you will be asked to certify for benefits. Every two weeks, you will need to certify to the EDD that you remain unemployed and otherwise eligible to continue receiving benefit payments. Certifying can be done online, through the mail, or via telephone. 
    • TIP #1: You must be available for work to receive unemployment benefits. Available for work means you are ready and willing to accept work that matches your occupational skills and educational background.
    • TIP #2: You are not required to look for full-time employment. As such, you are not required to indicate efforts for job searches during the recertification process. 
    • TIP #3: Report any additional income you receive during the certification period to avoid overpayment. 

If you have additional questions regarding the unemployment process, please refer to the following:

  • Changes to UI Claims: If you have changes to make to your UI claims, we have been directed by our unemployment claims vendor that you will need to self-report any corrections during the recertification process. You may be able to contact EDD directly to make these corrections, but given the massive influx of claims across the state, you may need to wait until you’re asked to recertify every 2 weeks.
  • PTO/PSL while on UI: Some of you have asked if applying PTO/PSL will affect your UI benefits. In CA, no, it will not, since the shutdown is indefinite and we do not have a return-to-work date yet. Please let your Operations Manager/Manager know if you would like to apply PTO/PSL to any days, and we will coordinate with payroll.